Accommodation prices


Prices with breakfast: child up to 3 years , baby cot 100,-
child 3-12 years 520,-
persons from 12 years of age 740,-
Prices with half board: dítě 3-12 let 590,-
persons from 12 years of age 840,-

10% discount for a one-week stay. Check-in for this stay, which is subject to a 10% discount, is always on Sunday.

Prices include VAT, municipal taxes.
Breakfast is served buffet style.
Dinner is two-course, served.
For unoccupied bed charge 300CZK/day

New Year's Eve from 26.12.2021 to 2.1.2022

Prices with half board: child 3-14 years old 5500,-
persons from 14 years of age 7000,-

You cannot book your stay over New Year's Eve online. Only by email or phone

Price includes half board, municipal taxes, VAT, New Year's Eve banquet.